MacBook Hard Drive Upgrade 500GB Cloned with Super Duper

In this tutorial I show you how to clone your existing hard drive to a new drive and then trade it out to make a seamless upgrade to your MacBook.

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Frank's Tech Help said...

This mod took awhile but it was well worth the gain in space. Make sure you buy a good quality hard drive or else you will have problems with programs like Final Cut while trying to edit. My previous 500GB started crapping out after 6 months and I couldn't edit anymore. I tried everything to save the drive but it was toast. Don't buy an "off brand" drive if you are edit intensive.

mike said...

Hi Frank,

Thanks for the great video on youtube. I'm ready to replace the HD on my 2.16 Ghz Macbook with a 2.5" SATA drive. I'm currenly travelling and do not have access to my original Mac software. My question is: Am I still able to do this w/ SuperDuper without an external USB connection? In other words, I just have my current HD in Macbook (SATA) and the replacement which is SATA. Hope this makes sense? Cheers from Canada!

Frank's Tech Help said...

@mike Hey Mike. You would need to purchase an external case to house the hard drive while you clone the original drive. If you can find an external USB sata hard drive then you could clone the drive onto the USB drive and then simply switch them out. Does that make sense?

mike said...


awesome, thanks Frank. I've ordered the drive and enclosure, and will watch your video a few more times before going for it. Thanks for your reply!

Anonymous said...

Hi frank what kind of portable hd you use in the video?