Super Color HD TV Tuner Review 1/2 - Mac, PC, LCD Monitor, PS2, VGA, S-Video Inputs

In this video I review the Super Color HD TV Tuner Box which hosts a slew of inputs ranging from s-video, vga, rgb, rca and I put it through the paces using my Mac, PC, PS2, VGA monitor, etc. Overall I really love this unit and have used it everyday for almost a year now. Well worth the money!

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Mygica SuperColor HD TV Box Video Converter Box, Support up to 30" LCD Monitor, PIP, High Definition 1920X1200, Standalone, NTSC TV Tuner Build-in for Cable TV on PC

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Unknown said...

Hi. Thx for the video. Where can i buy this tv turner. I can't find it..((

Anonymous said...

Hi, I know that this is an analog converter correct? But I was wondering though the digital transition has already happened, would it be possible to just plug in the coaxical cable into this and output it to the monitor or would that not work because of the transition?