HD720p Car Video Recorder Black Box LCD H.264 DVR Camera - Awesome!

See the list below for things I forgot to mention, also see the driving footage @ 5:00

Lens Angle: 140 Degrees
Battery Charge Time: 2 Hours Approx.
Battery Record Time: 2 Hours Approx.
Recording Capacity Test - 8GB SDHC Card
HD 1280x720 = 4:17:53
WVGA 840x480 = 3:26:21
VGA 640x480 = 4:17:53 (strange how the HD & VGA have same record capacity)
Playback: 1x 2x 4x 8x Forward & Reverse Very Smooth!
Cycled Recording: 2 Mins, 10Mins, 15Mins, Off
Max Memory Size: 64gb
LCD Screen: 2.5" TFT
Camera Lens: 120 Degree
Time Date Stamp: On, Off
Automatic Record/Stop: On power up or power down when SD card is in slot.
High Speed Video: Yes
Quick Light Response: Yes


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Mark K said...

Thanks for doing this review. I now know how important that it is to get the 120 degree lens, you saved me a lot of potential trouble my friend. Thanks for the hard work that you do for free! - Mark K.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how the motion detect works?

Frank's Tech Help said...

@Anonymous Haven't used one with motion detect yet but one of my viewers says that it's not that great, the IR LED don't put out much light so anything you record has to be pretty close. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

How do you prevent footage loss when it has to write a new file? Do you set it to continous instead of 15 minute increments?

Frank's Tech Help said...

@Anonymous Even if set for 3,5 or 15 minutes the video should be sequential with no time loss. Example: if you have it set for 15 minutes and it is recording in segments the video should start and stop without any loss. You can also edit the clips together with no time loss also. Hope this helps, let me know.

Car Cam Lover said...

Hello Frank, do you know which ebay seller or onnline store is selling the true one? There are a lot of fake one in the market. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank, Thanks for your reviews, my concern is with the 15 minute cycles. My drive home is about 60 - 90 minutes on average say if something happens that I want kept within the first 15 minutes is the only option to turn it off to stop it recording over the previous. Can you turn cycling off? What if I have a larger memory card?

Frank's Tech Help said...

@Anonymous I use an 8GB sd card which provides 4 hours of recording time. With a 4GB card you would cycle every 2 hours which should be enough time for your daily drive. I would suggest getting the 8GB card though so you could get a couple of days worth of driving on one card.

Unknown said...

Who sells the true 720p and 120 deg lens ?.

Frank's Tech Help said...

@ktoey You can find it in my amazon store if you click "buy gadgets" at the top of this site. It has the 120 Degree Lens, H.264 Recording Codec and HDMI output.

Tan Choon Hong said...

Excellent video review.
Hope the next model will have wireless transmission for use as in-car surveillance.

Thank you.

Charles Lyne said...

Hi Frank, nice review & interesting product. But have you seen/tried the T-eye recorder? I've been using one for a year or two now and it does everything your review unit does and MUCH more: two wide-angle cameras record the road and driver/passenger (+ audio) & IR LEDs illuminate the interior at night so if you need evidence in the event of an accident you can prove you were driving safely & (hopefully) paying attention to the road. It also has GPS & records your speed & location - you can play back your journey superimposed on a google map. Again you can prove in the event of an accident that you weren't (hopefully again) over the speed limit!
And also it has a 3-axis G-meter that automatically saves the current data in the event of an impact (in any direction) and there's a manual button to save data that might be of interest (someone cuts you up?).

Don't know if it's available in the USA, but amazon.co.uk have it in stock. Probably much more expensive than your review system, but much more comprehensive.

Anonymous said...