8 LED Spy Torch Flashlight DVR Camera Review

In this video I review the 8 LED Flashlight Video Camera DVR. The outside of the unit is aluminum and has a pretty heavy duty feel about it, However, I must say that this unit still feels pretty cheaply made. I also noticed that if you even give it a slight bump while recording the audio cuts out horribly for a moment but then comes back, you will notice this during playback. It's still not a bad option for those who like a little stealth in their flashlight.


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Frank's Tech Help said...

This is a pretty nice unit but I didn't like how the audio cuts out every time it gets bumped against something. Hard to record good audio if you are on the move or even just handling this unit.

Jeff said...

I attached mine to my hunting rifle and it works great for video but you are right about the audio. Every time I take a shot the audio cuts out completely, still not bad for the price tho, thanks for the review.

msahin said...
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Unknown said...

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