FiiO S5 2GB MP3 Review - It Rocks!

I'm loving my new FiiO S5, I don't care for the slow volume response time but everything else is kick arse! It really does produce good sound and has many audio adjustments to get the sound you want from it.

Update: Something else I'd like to add is that the standby time in "power on" mode seems to be really long, it's been turned on for over 7 days and played about an hour or two per day and still has over half of the battery life left. A nice bonus for this item! I'm guessing that the standby time could be around 10-15 days considering that it has a 900mah battery. Results will vary depending on how much music you play on the daily basis of course...

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Actle said...

I´ve just seen this review in youtube and i want to make some questions about the S5.
What happens when the S5 plays a large mp3 file(for example a podcast show - 120 min. long) and it is in the middle? Does it restart the mp3 file or it continues from it was?
Other question is How quick is the fast forwarding?

I know that this post is a bit old, but I hope you can answer these questions


Frank's Tech Help said...

@Actle The unit will continue playing from where it left off. Even if you turn the power off for a day and come back it starts playing from where it was. The fast forwarding is progressive which means it can go pretty fast. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I wanted just to check how usefull it was as an alarm clock that plays mp3... in effect, there seems to be very other options in the market.
Can you let me know if there is anyways to show the current time on screen? is there a snooze function? can you set multiple alarms? can you select which music it plays for the alarm? can it play random amongst all MP3 tracks?
Sorry for all these questions but cannot seem to find any answers anywhere else...

Frank's Tech Help said...

@Anonymous Hey there finally got you some answers here. 1. the clock can be shown on main screen but it's tiny. 2. I didn't see a snooze function. 3. No multiple alarms. 4. You can select the file it plays but has to be in special folder in menu system. 5. It can play random tracks but not in alarm mode. 6. You can set alarm music volume. Hope this helps you out.