HD720p Car Video DVR - Quick Release "Gorilla Pod" Mod - Lame But Effective!

I know this is kind of a lame mod but sometimes you have to work with what you have, it's still in my car tho and it works great! Just another great use for the GorillaPod!


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Frank's Tech Help said...

If you plan on buying one of these units then make sure you look at the specs before you click pay! There are 2-3 lens variations that you will want to consider. The 70 Degree Lens: vary narrow view, showing the hood area only. The 120-140 Degree Lens: much wider viewing angle, will show past the hood almost up top the wheel area and catches traffic lights and the peripheral or side view areas. This item is available in my Gadget Store, the cheaper units are usually 70 Degrees and the more expensive ones are 120-140 Degrees.

Gowshika said...

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