Mini DV MD80 1/8 - DVR Spy Camera Review

The Mini DV MD80 has quickly become one of the most popular micro video recorders around the world. Since posting my original review of this product I have had thousands of video views and probably just as many questions about this product.

These questions have sparked me to create 7 additional videos covering many various functions of the MD80 as requested by my viewers.

If you need drivers for this unit then please go here:

Specs: the specs below may vary depending on which unit you own

• RTC function
• Thumb size alloy housing
• Manually and sound activated recording
• Web camera for online video chat
• Support AVI video format
• Low illumination, high resolution image with 2000K pixels
• High speed recording and quick light response
• 30 frames per second for 640*480 video output
• Built-in Li rechargeable battery lasting for 2 hours
• Provide 2G Micro SD card and Support 8G memory card (max)
• Easy operation with LED indicator
• Support USB 2.0
• Flexible installation with clip and bracket
• Support JPEG picture format
• Pixel 2000000 color CMOS
• View Angle 62
• Minimum Illumination 1Lux(Min)
• Battery Capacity 260mAH
• Consumption Current 120mA/3.7V(Max)
• Store Temperature -20 ~80
• Operation Temperature -10? ~50
• Operation Humidity 15-85%RH
• Memory medium Micro SD Card (TF Card)
• SD Capability - Max 8GB Micro SD Card
• Video Function and Format Video decode use motion JPEG
• Recording for AVI format.VGA (640X 480 @ 30frame/second)
• USB Jack USB1.1
• Weight 50g(approx.)
• Dimension 55 X 28 X 20 cm (approx.)
• Operation System Windows 98SE/2000/Me/XP/Vista
• Mini DV md80
• Detachable Belt/ Pocket Clip
• Detachable Car/Hard mount Screw-Down Clip
• Detachable Neck Strap
• Power Charger Cord
• USB Cable Cord
• Free Micro SD Card
• Lens Brush
• Unit Bag. Pouch
• Instruction Manual

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bonner said...

I can't yet get mine (user error :) to be on constant.

It will go 2 minutes and stop, seems the voice activation is confusing.

Fast blink
Slow Blink


Unknown said...

I like its functions,its built inside a fully functional video system and its a perfect option for home security.

Network Cameras

Brice Center said...

I just gave you a donation.

Thanks for the eBay tip. I just got one for $14. I had been looking at the Veho Muvi's on Amazon, which appear to be the exact same unit, but marked up to $70 and $90 depending on 25fps vs. 30fps. Your video footage looks about the same as other users' footage using the Muvis. Glad I didn't pay $70+.

achikochi said...

Thanks for posting the info. I got the same version as you and the instructions are unintelligible. Mine did not come with a power adapter. Is there a way to know when charging is complete via usb? Thanks.

Unknown said...

You plan on reviewing the "video spy watch?" I understand the camera lens is inverted so it films in correct orientation while wearing and not upside down. Can you confirm this?
I have tried every instruction on YouTube for setting the time on my MD80. Nothing works. I have tried on my Mac and PC with WIN7. I give up. Also if it's not held completely still the video is not viewable. Sounds great though!! haaa

Unknown said...

I wanted to use this as a Car Cam for my track days. My question is will it charge AND record at the same time?. I am planing to charge it using my cars USB out, i use it to charge my i phone and other usb powered devices. said...

Anyone who managed to install it on Windows 7????

Unknown said...

I'm looking for the sames solution, none of the drivers I've found seem to work.

The systems can read the memory card, and pressing either the power or the mute button drops that connection, however it doesn't work as a web cam.... YET! ..

Frank's Tech Help said...

When in standby for voice activation the fast blink is standby and the slow blink is recording.

Frank's Tech Help said...

@achikochi The light should turn off when charging is complete.

Frank's Tech Help said...

@William Yes I actually have the HD spy watch and will do a review soon!

Frank's Tech Help said...

@sam Unfortunately you can't record and charge at the same time.

Frank's Tech Help said...

@Rob Here's my video on how to use the web cam feature on the MD80

Anonymous said...

how much time can you shoot with a 1gb card?

Anonymous said...

I’m having an issue recording, when I try to play back I only get audio no video. Is this a driver problem? I have installed driver that came with camera. I have tried downloading other drivers?

Thank you

Frank's Tech Help said...

@Anonymous Google "K-lite Codec" download and install the codecs pack and this should fix your problem. Some computers don't have the default codecs needed for these cameras but this should fix it for you.

Frank's Tech Help said...

@Anonymous Around 40 minutes, estimated.

Anonymous said...

How do we set the time stamp time?

Anonymous said...

"FranksTechHelp said...
@Anonymous Google "K-lite Codec" download and install the codecs pack and this should fix your problem. Some computers don't have the default codecs needed for these cameras but this should fix it for you."

December 1, 2010 10:33 PM

This did the trick....Thanks a million

No ja said...

hello. i have a problem with the cam. when i get it i try to push the power button and then led is blinking blue. then i power off the cam. and i put it on usb port to recharge. but win xp cant find driver. and the cam led no more blink after push power button. have anybody an idea where is the problem... can i ro something? sorry about my english i am not good in it.

No ja said...

hi, i fix the problem. It was in the USB cable.. i try some other and cam start record...

Frank's Tech Help said...

@BC Thanks again for the donation my friend, hope things are going well with your camera still!

Andy said...

Just got this for christmas and could not figure out how to set the date and time, thanks for your great video help. You solved the problem in like 2 minutes! happy holidays!

Monitor Mounts said...

Thanks for sharing the info and for providing the video of it. This system is perfect for home security.

Anonymous said...


Could you make a small vid on the sound function?
When I press the mode button it starts recording, if I then click the mode button again nothing seem to happen.
When I pauze it, the light red flashes quickly for about seconds and then the camera shuts itself off if sound doesnt trigger recording again.. A second standy for the voice activation seems a bit silly?

Fernando Severns said...

Those are way too many features, Man! I was kinda captivated by how "micro" it really is! No wonder your vids would be surely viewed by many, since many would really be interested! My friend is one of your viewers, and I think you have helped him a lot! He actually shared this link to me to see for myself, and I am amazed by how that spy camera works!

Bush Baby DVR said...

That is a very small camera and I think that is a camera that can be used to monitor babies. The nanny will never think that it is a camera.

Anonymous said...

Your utube was helpful on the time setting for the mini dv unfortunatly I cannot find the time synchronization file in rapid share is it available elswhere/
Thank you

JackJack762 said...

Actually you can record and charge at the same time! Al you need to do is hold down the record button as you plug it it and then it should begin to charge!

Anonymous said...

Hi mate, Thanks for the video, it was good to see how it works, as I bought on and I am in the UK and I figured part of it out but had some difficulty though until I saw your video, so thank you for that.

I tried your link on your site for the driver and it doesn't link to anything, just says error. Can you please help me get a driver for this as I use a Mac

Socialfuel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hi I have the following problem
the video pauses every 2 sec, and then continous...its very irritating, is it a fault of the camera or the cheap microsd card??????

LAK132 said...

Ahh York drivers link is broken please help. I can't find my drivers disk either!

FL100 said...

Thanks for all the information on this bit of kit, far more useful than the instructions on the disk!
How long should the battery remain charged? Can I charge one day and leave recording until the next day?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the work on this, very helpful.
Unfortunately the link to the drivers no longer works.

ev2uk said...


Is their anywhere I can get a driver for one of these as mine didn't come with a disc.?

Anonymous said...

@ev2ukthe same and when i put it to my laptop on divx it is only hear sound and no picture

jrmhgreene said...

Mine all of a sudden won't record past 19mins... I've fully charged the battery and got a 8 gig card in it... Can anyone help me with that problem...

Anonymous said...

have you had any experience with qvis dvrs?

jrmhgreene said...

No... Will that help me with my problem...

Noel Trudeau said...

Tried the link for the driver for the MD80, but there were no files there.

Is there another place I can get the drivers?


- Noel

Anonymous said...

i just got one md80 from a chinese dealer but im having big problems with it. It only record sound no video at all. i tried 4 diffrent sd card and tried 3 diffrent computers(Win xp and win7) with all codecs installed but still no video.The Led´s show me that the camera is recordning but still no video, anyone have any ideas what the problem can be?


Unknown said...

I just got mine...i have a little problem when i start recording....i cant see anything...all i can hear is my voice...can u help me out

Anonymous said...

@Sergio Sanchez

This is a common problem, seems like 1 out of 20 have the same problem, what i found out is
1 format the card in fat not fat 32
2 use another usb camera cable the one included is crap!
3 make sure you have all codecs on your computer

Quanta said...

I just bought my new MiniDV MD80 for IDR150,000 or about USD18. But its different with yours, mine has 720x480@30fps (MediaInfo=720x480@25fps). My pc winxp detected as Anyka Composite Video Device, not SunPlus SPCA. What's the different Frank? Then I search tutorial for better handling and understanding for using it. And then Google rank puts your web for my searching.
I'm really helped with all your tutorials from 1-8 videos Frank, many thank you for your dedication. Thanks!

Quanta said...

Hi Frank!
I have some questions about my MiniDV MD80, pls anyone can help me?
Mine has Anyka AK1120 chipset without SDRAM cache. At webcam its res. is VGA 640x480 and at video rec is 720x480.
1. How can I revert the res.back to VGA and not 720x480? It seems that Anyka upscales the res. from VGA to 720x480, make the result looks wider and image ratio looks not natural.
2. Is there any firmware for this that recorded video with res.640x480? How to upgrade it?
3. How many fps-maximum actual this Anyka D80 can achieve? Mine always steady ± 17-21 fps using 8GB class 2 uSDcard. Looks unsmooth and frozen.
Thanks and sorry for my bad English.

Unknown said...

My Mini DV M80 will only record for a max 30 seconds tried every thing you said in videos but to no avail

PeteB said...

The rapidshare driver link doesn't work, is there a current one?

Anonymous said...

Greetings , i've a question , would a 32gb sdhc card work on this item? thanks Mark

Unknown said...

It is really looking very attractive post. I liked it.

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French Magic said...

The Rapidshare link is not available. How can I find the drivers ?

ChelOis said...

Hi Frank, your Rapidshare link doesn't work.

Unknown said...

So lovely.Wish you happiness.

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Anonymous said...

Mine is recording but I can't view on my laptop. It says can't play this type of file even though I have installed the driver. ?????

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing such a informative features about mini camera..It has many advantages of using it..

Unknown said...

How long does it take to fully charge? Will the lights quit blinking when it's charged?

Unknown said...

hey bro, i need the driver, can you help me?
please :)

Unknown said...

whats the recharge time ?