Mini DV MD80 3/8 - Ate My SD Card - Gets Taken Apart

The Mini DV MD80 has quickly become one of the most popular micro video recorders around the world. Since posting my original review of this product I have had thousands of video views and probably just as many questions about this product.

These questions have sparked me to create 7 additional videos covering many various functions of the MD80 as requested by my viewers.

The video below is my third video in this series and it covers how to take apart the MD80 to recover a lost sd card.

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5 comments: said...

Anyone who made that work on WIndows 7?

Anonymous said...

anyone knows where to find the .exe program nothinig was installed on my sd card
great site

Unknown said...

please i need your help, mi SO is vista starter, i installed the drivers from CD drivers, but my pC said usd no reconected, if can helpme please my email is

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank!! I wanted to know how to change the resolution of the film, ie to improve the image Hd. My product and glasses camera, the operation is identical to MDCAM. Thank you!

Jazzbluestour said...

Hi Frank
Can you provide me with the driver and small program to install and configure for this cam (the CD was missing from the parcel .. ) thank you so much, kind regards