Mini DV MD80 5/8 - Charging AC/USB

The Mini DV MD80 has quickly become one of the most popular micro video recorders around the world. Since posting my original review of this product I have had thousands of video views and probably just as many questions about this product.

These questions have sparked me to create 7 additional videos covering many various functions of the MD80 as requested by my viewers.

The video below is my fifth video in this series and covers how to charge the MD80

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smk said...


I got my md80 .. for the first time it worked properly but when I connected it to electrical connector first red and green leds were bright . and blue led on the device was on .. now ofter 3 hours charging the power button doesnt turn off the device .. I reset it and it goes power off but when I power on the device again no way to turn it off ..
what should I do ???

Anonymous said...

How long does it keeps its charge after removing the plug