Samsung SBH 170 Bluetooth Headphone Review

The Samsung SBH 170 Headphones Rock! With a playtime of up to 12 hours these are some good quality headphones that will last you throughout the day, make that two days! I use them walking to and fro work and I only have to charge them once every two or three weeks.

The controls are easy to use and they are very comfortable to wear. I hardly notice that they are even on most of the time.

Please Note: if you plan on using these for jogs, working out or jumping around then you better have big ears. Although they are very comfortable and work great while stationary, they tend to fall off very quickly if you start getting active.

They produce great quality sound and the bluetooth range is excellent.

Brand: Samsung
Model: SBH170 (stereo)
Weight: 56.7 grams
Design: Ear-bud
Standby Time: up to 170 hours
Talk Time: up to 600 minutes
Charging Time: up to 2 hours
Bluetooth Version: Ver 1.2
Indication light: Yes
Left or right ear: both
contents: SBH170, 110-120v charger, carrying case
Number of button: 6
On/Off Switch: Yes
Volume Control: Yes
Function: Switch Between phone & handsfree
Transmit range: up to 33 fts
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Voice Command: Yes
Voice Dialing: Yes
Call Function: Send & End a call, three-way calling, call reject, and last-number redial
HeadSet Profile (HFP): Yes
Handsfree Profile (HSP): Yes
A2DP Profile (Stereo): Yes
AVRCP Profile: Yes

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