Zopid 2GB MP3 Player Review

The Zopid 2GB MP3 Headphones Rock! I've had these headphones for over 6 months now and I still use them on the daily basis. With playtime ranging upwards of 12 hours you won't find yourself struggling to keep an MP3 player charged up.

This unit offers decent sound and has a quick-play function, simply turn the power on and they start playing. The also store nicely around your neck for when you are actually paying attention to people. Hit the play/pause button and the unit will pause and turn off after 5 minutes.

They aren't easy to store as far as carrying them in your backpack or computer bag but like I said, they store very nicely on your neck.

2GB Built-in Flash Memory
Store approximately 500 songs
Built-in rechargeable battery lasts about 14 hours
Charge Universal AC Charger, PC/Laptop's USB port
Included in Package: MP3 Player, USB cable, AC adapter & User Manual


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