YouTube: Do Embedded YouTube Videos Count As A View?

YouTube: Do Embedded YouTube Videos Count As A View?

After extensive design and testing for my own site this question eventually came to the surface and the answer is YES! Embedded YouTube videos do in fact count as a view but take this very important point into consideration.

The embedded video will only count as a view if "AutoPlay" is NOT active. The user must actively click the play button for the view to be counted by YouTube.

BE SURE that you do not have your video set to "AutoPlay" or you will waste a perfectly good hit on your embedded video.

With that being said, embed away and enjoy all the great hits you will now receive from your embedded YouTube videos!

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Jordan said...

Awesome tip about not setting the auto-play feature I almost did this and would have lost a ton of views on my video blog, thanks for the great tips and keep up the good work man!

Anonymous said...

Does setting auto play on your channel page count as a view?

Frank's Tech Help said...

@Anonymous Yes they do count, they also count for AdSense if they watch enough of the video, as I understand it.

Anonymous said...

@FranksTechHelp Thanks for the lightning fast response, good to know this info!

Anonymous said...

would you know why my embedded videos that are viewed on wordpress don't reflect themselves at all on youtube as a view count? they are not on autoplay etc. thanks!