Top Gear: Mitsubishi Evo V/S Downhill Skiers, Blind Drift Aston Martin

In this episode Tanner pits the Mitsubishi Evo against a couple of pro downhill skiers (aka Skittles) and test the Tarmac, Gravel and Snow driving modes of the Evo. This is an amazing segment that you can not miss. I was personally blown away at the performance of the Evo in this challenge. You gotta see this bad boy rip through the snow, simply put, this is one bad arse ride!

In the second half of this episode Rutledge finds out if Aston Martin has solved a horsepower problem in the new Vantage model. Then Adam and Rutledge try to beat professional drift champion Tanner Foust in a drifting competition by cheating.

Ever seen a blind man drift? You will in this episode!

Actor Dominic Monahan also takes to the Top Gear test track.

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