The NISH Project: Alternative / Experimental / Rock / Rap / Tech

The NISH Project - Founded 1998
Genres: Alternative / Experimental / Rock / Rap / Tech
Label: Unsigned
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The NISH Project began back in 1998 with a couple of home computers, some crappy 1-track recording software, my drum set and an electric keyboard with a 6-track recorder built in. I would lay down drum tracks and then add keys, from there I would do the vocals live to the computer, then use a second computer to add more. I was perfecting the art of recording music on the computer when it didn't really exist. Now you can record a complete song from an iPod Touch, things have come a long way since then!

There are no timing or style boundaries in my music. You might hear rap sounding lyrics mixed with a ska/reggae beat one second and then get hit with some rock beats the next second and it just works. I don't make it happen, I let the music tell me what it wants. From there the lyrics pretty much write them self as the music develops the story line.

The name NISH came from my grandfather George D McNish who was a guitar maker for the Grand Ole Opry players back in the 40's, 50's and 60's. He was a great guitar maker but I never got a chance to learn his trade. He passed away when I was 5 years old so I didn't get nearly enough time with him. None the less he passed on his creative nature and talent for gadgetry to me.

I chose "The NISH Project" to honor his name and the talent that he passed down through our family. I chose to add "Project" to the title because just like my grandfather, I am always and forever working on a new project and staying busy. What started out as me playing around on a $100 keyboard has turned into a life long process of creating new and ever evolving music. Amazing how a little inspiration can turn into a life-long passion.

Project Update: NISH returned to the studio in 2018 to begin recording new music so stay tuned. Meanwhile enjoy what's already here. Thanks for being a fan!

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Jason said...

Hey man that was super fast, thanks for creating a new page on request and thanks even more for posting your music, but thanks most of all for letting us download it for free! I love Roll, Dear Johnny and Dreaming awesome tracks and they are going into my ipod as i type this, keep up the great works and thanks again!

Andrew said...

Dude NISH rocks, I can't believe that you have never released any of your music, you should be gettin played on tha radio man. I have to agree with Jason, Roll, Dreaming and Dear Johnny are kick ass tracks. Tnx for the free downloads, I also put them on my iPhone!

Alex from Russia said...

I am very much liking your music my friend, i am also liking your video gadgets tech help, thanks for all you do.

Frank's Tech Help said...

@Jason No problem man, glad that you take enough interest to ask, a shove in the right direction for me!

Frank's Tech Help said...

Thanks to everyone that has downloaded in the past 48 hours since I posted this page, those stats are beautiful - Enjoy the gift and keep downloading!

Anonymous said...

I like Electric City Tokyo, good rapping!

Anonymous said...

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