Spy Watch DVR 1/2 - Review, Features, Video Test Footage 1280x720

In this video I review the HD 1280x720 spy watch and show you some features and test footage from this unit. The test footage at 5:40 was shot in low light so the quality and frame rate aren't the best. This unit works really well in full daylight and produces good quality video under normal lighting conditions.

Turn power on and unit will start recording automatically after 20 seconds.
Turn power on and tap same button 2 times for voice recording mode.
Turn power on and tap same button 3 times for photo mode.
Turn power on and tap same button 4 times for motion activated mode.
In motion mode the light will remain blue until the unit detects motion, it will then blink blue while recording.
Motion detection mode is not very stealthy on this unit but regular recording works great and is not detected.

Charge for 8 hours first two times and "until light stops blinking" for daily use.
Watch part 2 for setting date time stamp, resolution, charging and accessing files.


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