Spy Watch DVR 2/2 - Setting Time Date Stamp, Resolution and Charging

This is part two of my review on the spy watch dvr video camera. I'll show you how to set the date and time stamp, change the resolution and how to upload files from the camera.

Setting Date & Time Stamp:
Create a file named time.txt on your desktop.

Copy the TWO lines above, including the blank line and paste it into the time.txt file.
2011 Date 01 Month 16 Day 12 Hour 30 Minutes 00 Seconds, adjust these settings.

Save the file and copy it to the root folder of the camera, disconnect camera, turn on power and let it record a video, stamp should now be set.

Setting Resolution:
Create a file named framesize.txt and enter the following single digit to set the resolution.
Enter a single 0 for 1280x720
Enter a single 1 for 640x480
Enter a single 2 for 352x288
The file must only contain a 0, 1 or a 2 by itself to set the resolution.

Save file and copy it to the root directory, unplug camera, turn it on, let it record a file and the resolution should be set.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, video etc, recently got a similar spy watch direct from Hong Kong and the instructions are gibberish.
Your info helped no end, in particular how to reset the time stamp, thanks, U.K.
P.S. paid £14 U.K.pounds inc post, auction site, nice new toy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this help! I set the date no problem but the resolution won't change whatever i do. It should record higher than the 640x480 because it says on the box it can do 129x960 (funny resolution) but it just won't change whatever i do with the framesize.txt file.