iJet NAV Elite Wireless RF Remote Control for iPod & iPhone - Unboxing & Review

This version of the iJet iPod remote control and iPhone remote control has the 7 button full feature remote control built for the Apple iPod, iPhone (including 4, 3G, 3GS), and iPad iTunes. Plug in the iJet-Nav into the bottom of the iJet to the iPod or iPhone (30-pin connector), then keep the remote in your pocket, or on your motorcycle, store it in your backpack or trunk, or hide it in the glove compartment or saddlebag and you can control your iPod remotely or your iPhone remotely!

The main module plugs into the iPod or iPhone bottom dock 30 pin connector and is powered by the iPod or iPhone. A small handheld remote control with REAL buttons, not membrane buttons - the remote has commands to adjust volume, Forward/Rewind track, Play/Pause and Stop playback. Prevent theft and sun damage and retain control of your music. NAV Version now compatible with Nano and Touch! CARDIO doesn't have to be boring! So go be a chatterbox and still control the iPod. Used by motorcyclist on runs, Magicians, Boating and while around the RV.

7 Button, 14 Function Remote
1.1" Wide x .450" Thick x 1.1" Long
150 ft RF Range
Steering Wheel / Handle Bar Clip Set
Patented pass-through allows charging while iJet is connected
Water Resistant Remote
Signal travels around corners and through walls
Universal Audio Cable for Home Stereo Hook Up
Adjust volume, Forward/Rewind, Play/Pause, Stop, Playback track, with On/Off, and easy shuffle mode.
NAVigate menus, pictures and video on your iPod, iPhone or iPad with the iJet NAV Wireless Remote.
Long lasting Replaceable Batteries CR2025
iJet NAV is compatible with:

iPod Nano, iTouch G2,G3,G4, iPhone 4, 3G, 3GS, iPad iTunes, iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Photo
iPod Video, iPod 3G, iPod 4G, iPod 5G, iPod 6G

NAV is short for NAVigator version software.

Visit The Product Page Here! or Visit The Product Website: www.BuyiJet.com

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