HBX 12891 Brushless Motor, ESC, Servo Mod Upgrade - Holy CRAP!

In this video I show you how to upgrade the HBX Dune Thunder 12891 to a new brushless motor, new esc and new servo without the need for cutting, sawing, melting, etc. And I gotta tell you, this thing freaking flies! Jump to 27:17 for comparison of stock vs upgrade.
Parts List:
1. Fly Sky FS-GT2B 3CH RC Transmitter & Receiver Kit
2. CoolRC Kit S2838 B3U8 (includes, 4500KV brushless motor, 35A programmable ESC and 3.5KG servo) Please note: The 3.5KG servo will not fit in the 12891
3. Feiyue FY-S3 2.8KG Servo (3 wire full metal upgrade version)
4. RRP 1012 12T Pinion Gear 48P (1/8" or 3.17mm) bore
5. 2 Screws - 4 * M3 for mounting motor to hbx housing
6. CoolRC S-45A/S-120A S3R9 programming card


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