Traxxas Rustler 4x4 VXL Repair - Spur Gear Replacement - Metal Gear?

In this video I show you how to replace the spur gear in the Traxxas Rustler 4x4 VXL. I also discuss the cons of using a hardened metal spur gear vs the factory plastic version and why you probably don't want to do it. ~ Also See Notes \/
1. The metal spur gear is discussed at
2. I tested the 50T and 54T metal spur gears with the same overheating results.
3. The hardened metal spur gear ate my flimsy metal 11T pinion gear is less than 2 mins.
4. I also tested the 17T pinion gear with even worse overheating results, but it didn't get chewed up on the first run like the 11T did.
5. I did apply a tiny bit of bearing grease to help reduce heat but it didn't do anything significant.
6. I tested 4 different spur/pin metal gear combos (11T/50T) (11T/54T) (17T/50T) (17T/54T) The 17/50 combo was super fast, but all of them overheated.
7. Use a sharpie to mark your motor placement after maintenance, then check after every session to make sure it hasn't slipped its position. This will save serious wear and stripping on your spur gear.
8. Letting off the trigger just before you hit the ground will extend the life of the plastic spur gear greatly. Don't sacrifice your landing tho!
9. If your rear drive axle mount keeps coming loose then use a few drops of super glue to secure it.
10. Plastic spur gears are cheaper. I think It might be better to put in the more frequent work vs ripping up your diff, axles, etc.
I am definitely not an expert so if anyone finds a more durable pin/spur combo that offers a good balance of off road and street racing then please let me know.
Spur Gear Part #
3956 (54T) Default Factory
6842 (50T)
6843 (52T)

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