Dakota Alert DVR-01 "PIR Motion Detector" Security Camera Review

In this video I review the Dakota Alert DVR-01 (PIR-Motion Detection) Video Surveillance Camera. I have to say that after using this unit for the past few months that this has to be my absolute favorite spy cam to date. Unlike the other crappy eBay knock-off motion detection video spy cameras, this one actually works! The main difference between this PIR unit and the other "Motion Detection" video cameras on the market is the "PIR" part. PIR or (Passive Infra-Red) detects body heat signatures instead of simple motion passing in front of the camera.

Other motion detection cameras can be set off by a curtain blowing in the wind or changes in light from the sun reflecting into the room. This not only wastes battery life but also gives you a lot of false positive recordings and you could easily find yourself wading through hours of video looking at the wind blowing or shadow play that has activated your camera. I did receive a few false positive recordings from this unit but only a few, not hundreds like the simple motion detection units that you find on eBay. This unit is by far the best one I have found on the market. It's compact and very easy to place without being seen. Another benefit of the Dakota DVR-01 is that you can keep it plugged in to a power source for endless recording, just put it where you need it and let it do it's job. When you need to review the footage then simply plug it into your computer and review the footage. Visit the manufacturers product page here: Dakota Alert.

Thanks to Matt @ Dakota Alert for featuring this video on their website!


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Bob M said...

Hey Frank, awesome review of this product! I went to the Dakota Alert web site and saw that they had your youtube video on their web site. I purchased one of these because of your video review and can't wait to get it! Thanks for creating such engaging video reviews, you totally sold me! - Bob

Frank's Tech Help said...

@Bob M Hi bob, this product really sells itself but it's always nice to see it in action first and that's what I do best! Thanks for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

Frank thanks for the time-stamp file fix - I had the same problem.

In addition to the green video-on light, the IR LEDs give it away at night.


Anonymous said...

How do I change the date and time on my DVR-01 camera on a mac computer?

Anonymous said...


Another request for Mac help... and ideas on how to sync time stamp with Mac OS?

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