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Sam said...

I have really enjoyed watching your video reviews and even found a solution for my Sony digital camera that stopped working over a year ago. I was stumped and had set it aside but then I found a video with the solution on your site. Thanks for all your hard work, looks awesome! - Sam W. - Cincinnati, OH.

pcqpig said...

Great Blog I love jade jewelry the lay out and the color scheme is it possible to get a copy of your theme?

FranksTechHelp said...

@pcqpig Hey thanks for the compliment and for posting your very nice site! The blog layout is a basic picture layout available from blogger, although I did a ton of custom element mods to make it look this way. Look under layouts in blogger and you should see the basic layout.

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank, I'm having trouble with my EasyCAP device on my MacBook. I've watched your video tutorials, but when I use VideoGlide I just get a green screen and I can't get any actual video. Can you help me out with this?

FranksTechHelp said...

@Anonymous This usually means that either your vkey/serial is bad or you may need to reinstall the software and reenter the key. Here's the URL to your video request.

Anonymous said...

Thanks your excellent review on the HD720p Car Video Recorder Black Box LCD H.264 DVR Camera.
I will very likely be getting one.
Just two quick questions:
1. Can it flip the video input so that you can turn it upside down to mount on the dashboard, or the handlebars of a bike?
2. How bulky was cigarette lighter adaptor?

Keep up the good work.
Thanks again

Kuber Core Health said...

Hey Frank, need your help with this Mini Clock Spy Camera
How can I adjust the recording mode form only 3 minutes to 5 hours of recording.
If only I had known about the Dakota spy camera befor this purchase.

FranksTechHelp said...

@Kuber Core Health This unit only records in 3 minute segments when set to motion activated. There is no way to change this as of yet. Let me know if you have more questions and thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Very helpful video posts, keep up the good work. A question about the D001 dv cam. It will only accept non HC SD micro cards. I cant find any over 2GB. The instructions state it can accept up to 16GB. Are there older cards out there at that capacity? Thanks

FranksTechHelp said...

@Anonymous It should accept HC cards with no problem. I have been using a 4GB SDHC card in mine for awhile. If it won't accept yours then try reformatting the card for FAT or FAT16 on Windows. That should fix it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great product reviews, this site has been very helpful to research tons of gadgets, you've had them all it seems, keep up the good work and can't wait to see what's new for 2011 Mark V. - P.S. when are you gonna do the spy watch review?

Liveforlife247 said...

Hey Frank, I love the new featured youtube video idea. I thinks it awesome that you are willing to take on so much work to help other youtubers like myself. I look forward to seeing my article on your site and banking those bonus clicks!

Robert said...

Dude I was just here yesterday and your site looked kind of boring, sorry, but I just came back today and everything is completely different! It looks amazing now! Did you do all of that in 24hrs? Love the new tabs at the top and how them menu system looks, the blue really sets it off man, keep up the good work!!! BTW love the md80 videos you created, helped me a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hey man love all the great reviews on this site, you have a ton of videos and I want to buy everything! One thing at a time though. Thanks for the great work you do and can't wait to see what you have in 2011 - Alex

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank,

thank you very much for your video tutorials about the MD80 cam. I really enjoyed them and got a lot of help out. But I got a big problem ;-) I lost my drivers. Do you still have your drivers and could send me those?
That would be great.
Thanks a lot.


FranksTechHelp said...

@Anonymous Hi Tom, if you visit this page and look below the video you will see a link to the drivers page, hope this helps.

Anonymous said...


Yeah man, thank you very much. I tried it but unfortunately there are only questionmarks when I try to install it, so I can not read what I do. ;-) Is there any other download page you know?
Do you know if there is also a version for windows 7 or does this one works fine for 7 ?

Thank you very much for your effort!!!


FranksTechHelp said...

@Anonymous Sorry it didn't work for you. I haven't found any drivers for Win7 as of yet. You really shouldn't need any drivers or at least I haven't needed any on WinXP, what are you trying to do exactly?, maybe I can find a work-around for you. I also have video for web cam, setting date and time, etc. so just let me know.

Anonymous said...


First of all happy new year ;-)
I tried to install the driver I found on your website here. Just run the setup and the windows with only questionmarks showed up. Maybe a pre-install question... Could be that there is any language encoding my Windows 7 doesn't support. Anyway I wanted to use my MD80 on my Windows 7 computer as a webcam. I remember that it worked for me on my WinXP PC but unfortunately my driver disc is gone and I installed Win7 on the XP machine... Nevertheless if there is no Windows 7 driver out now it doesn't make sense to invest more time. I think I will then use my PS2Eye Toy camera for Videoconferencing. Nonetheless thank you very very much for your time and your great tutorials!

Anonymous said...

Hey i dont have a disk drive on m laptop, how can i get the drivers for the md80?

FranksTechHelp said...

@Anonymous Sorry I missed this one. The unit can not be mounted upside down unless you plan on flipping it upright during editing. There is a new model on the market that does have a rotating camera and flipping screen. Look for the HD1080 Car DVR on ebay.

FranksTechHelp said...

@Anonymous The spy watch review is now posted, thanks!

FranksTechHelp said...

@Anonymous If you are running WinXP then look on my MD80 page under the video. Here's the link

Anonymous said...

do you have drivers and software for the MD80 on your site?

FranksTechHelp said...

@Anonymous Look below the video on this page, there is a link to download the drivers for WinXP but you shouldn't need them.

Samuel Cappelli said...

Dear sir, thank you for your vĂ­deos about de Mini DV. They are very helpful. I would like to know if is it possible to turn the subtitles of time and date off. I found videos on youtube that the subtitle didn't appear.
Thank you
Samuel - Brazil

FranksTechHelp said...

@Samuel Cappelli There is no way to remove it from the camera but you can crop the video during editing, hope this helps.

Terry Kepner said...

Hi! I have one of the DVR Spy Pens that takes the TF card. For some reason I can't get it to take the date change. I've tried tag.txt, setdate.txt, userconfig.txt, and time.txt filenames, with formats of 20110213120000, 2011/02/13 12:00:00, 2011/02/13 12:00, 2011-02-13 12:00:00, 2011-02-13 12:00, 2011.02.13 12.00.00, 2011.02.13 12.00, and just about every other combination I can think of, but the pen stays stubbornly on June of 2010. I trid letting the battery die and then starting up again in the hopes a total drain might work, but it didn't.

Do you have any ideas on what I might try next? I'm sure it's going to be something obvious, but I don't know what. The pen works just great, it's only the time that is wrong.

BTW you turn it on by holding the button down for about two seconds (RED LED comes on), take a picture by pressing once (LED goes off and comes back on), and take a video by holding the button down for three seconds (LED blinks twice then goes off to indicate recording). To turn it off, hold the button for five seconds. Oddly, unlike the other pens I've read about, the LED stays on solid during charging and you more or less have to guess when it completes.

Terry Kepner said...

@Terry Kepner
Hurray! I finally found the answer to setting the date and time on my Spy Pen. And it's totally unlike the other solutions I've seen (I found it at EyeSpyPro) Here's the solution:
Save those three lines in a text file named TAG.txt (capitals IS important). Also, there are two blank spaces after the date and time, so make sure you hit the space bar twice after putting in the day and second. Put the card in your pen and save a picture or video, and the date now appears correctly in the picture and on the file. At least for this pen it does....

FranksTechHelp said...

@Terry Kepner Glad you found the answer, this is exactly what I was going to suggest. It's the same time & date settings as the Mini DV MD80 on this site. Glad you figured it out!

Anonymous said...

In your video about AVCHD in FCE, you show a 1920x1080 60i setting for your HG10. Does this import setting maintain the smooth framerate from Easy Mode on Canon camcorders? My former camera, HV20, didn't have an Easy setting, but had this smooth framerate as well.

When I import my HF100 files into iMovie, I lose that smoothness. If I author in Sony Vegas, I can output an MPEG2 at HDV 1080i, maintaining that smooth framerate. I'm looking for a Mac solution. Is it FCE? Thanks.

Sorry if this posts twice

FranksTechHelp said...

@Anonymous If you aren't getting smooth footage from your HF100 files I suggest using something like VideoVangelist and converting them to DV format and iMovie should act better. This is the quickest free solution. Let me know if this works.

Anonymous said...

I do not have a Youtube account so I found your blog to thank you for your video on installing the screen protector for the iPod/iPhone. It was very helpful to me, thank you.

Sumit Mandal, Berlin

Mark Blezard said...

Hi Frank, have you had problems with the Mini DV camera in motion detection mode? Mine switch off after a few minutes of idle status?
Mark, UK

rio said...

hello frank
i have problem with my spy camera can't read in computer

Adam said...

Hi Frank,

My car got keyed and I want to install a camera on my dash. I want it to have a motion sensor, so that it only records when people walk by my car and I need it to be able to record at night. I also need it to have a long enough battery life so I can leave the cam in my car for a day or two. Can you recommend a product?

thank you

basketballbrian said...

Hi, I'm using a computer monitor just as a TV, and I've run across a problem. I dont have a cable box, just basic cable, but I'm not sure how to hook it up. There is a coax coming out of the wall, but no coax plug on the monitor. Can you tell me what cords or converters i would need to use to have the coax cord go to HD RGB input?

Charles Lyne said...

Just found your neat bit of video on U-tube on how to use my MD80 mini DV camera as a webcam. It worked first time, exactly as you described and no hassle downloading drivers or anything as I had thought I needed to do.

So, many thanks for posting that, very helpful.

Regards, Charles.

SCIC said...

My Mini DV md80 works well as the webcam however will not record onto the microSD card. Do I have to format the card or install a driver on it.
I have also done the TAG.txt folder and time, but after I record the folder becomes corrupt with strange extension files and the TAG time file disappears.

tom said...

hi, when i bought videoglide and installed it and did everything u said in the video my screen when i click videoglide in digiters is green??? how do i fix that. please reply asap thanks

computer repair said...

I appreciate your effort for supply this type of vital information and sure I'll come again across your blog when you will share something new.

Anonymous said...

this is dylbyl1234 are you stll alive ?

Ron said...

I have the little keychain camera. After a few AVI's (depicted as SUN files) I start getting EKEN files that I can't open. My MAC says they aren't movie files, although they show a .avi postscript. Any suggestions on what the problem is or how I can open the EKEN files?

Rob said...

I bought the Dash Cam (Car Black Box Kit DVR Camera) from you and I can't believe what a nice little item this is. The quality of the video surprised me. It was purchased for two reasons. I like a video of the roads I travel especially in the UK and Europe. This is a small portable unit that I could easily put into a rental car. Also it is a very inexpensive insurance policy to show I was not at fault if anything were to occur while driving, especially in this litigious society. Just had to let you know I am very happy with it.

Anonymous said...




deto said...

I need a good spy watch. the one you reviewed worked for 1 week. Any suggestions. Needs to have a way to tell if it is recording or not

Anonymous said...

hi i purchased the mini dv m80 but cant get the unit to charge. a red light stays on permanently when charging by usb either by pc or supplied plug. i have already tried other usb cables as well.

when removed from charge no lights on and led light only comes on red when power is pressed , when power button released it goes off


Anonymous said...

hey man...can i use that box just to watch tv on my lcd monitor? without pc....just tv cable,monitor and the box..
are they any good? did u had any problemes with that box?....

Anonymous said...

oh...i was talking about Mygica SuperColor HD TV Box Video Converter Box

sasaleon said...

I just bought a mini dv md 80 camera and it works but when I connect the reader to my computer and I try to play the videos it actually shows the the image of the video (photo) but when I click play, it only plays the sound of the video on windows media player with no image ... How can I actually see the complete video ? (sound and video )

Ilsa said...

Sony Camera "Format Error" Fix voor Memory Card - Sony DSC-P31
Is not longer available on youtube. Can you help otherwise?

Anonymous said...

having problem with MD 80 set in voice activation mode it will record for a second and then shut down. any ideas and how to fix this?

framersam said...

Hi Frank,

Would you be interested in repairing a Gateway MC732u laptop? Or, do you know someone who does this type of work? This laptop has been taken apart once for a power jack repair. Now the monitor has stopped working.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

i got one of those md8o cameras but it dosent work. when i turn it on it starts blue and then blinks red no matter what button i press. plz help

RIAZ UDDIN said...

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ArtistInFla said...

I just bought the Mini DV camera and the Cd that came with it can not be read.

Do you have the files for the camera.

Thank you very much

Mark Noll


rob said...

I have that dvr watch and havent been able to change resolution from 640 when I bought it and the 640 is not clear at all.So I open notepad enter o save as framesize is there any other spaces or detail left out?

Janet N said...

What do you do if your computer screen has a black background with one blinking white cursor? Thank You

Caroline Bondy said...

Watching the video to change the time with Windows WP - I have no clue how to open the root USB directory.

Anonymous said...

Are you familiar with the time and date stamp on the Muvi 003 model?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I checked out your video setup of the MD80 used as a webcam. What seems to be easy as what I saw in your video is just as hard because it's not working. It does work in several video programs but when it comes to Skype it doesn't. Your thoughts please because I'm becoming frustrated quickly. Thanks, Scott

Anonymous said...

Frank: I just reviewed the Dakota Alert DVR -01 small camera. You usually mention in your videos if the product can be used with an Apple computer, like an I Mac desk top. I emailed Randy at Dakota Alert and he wasn't sure. Would you know? Help please, I am 65 yrs old and would like to buy one if you say that it will. Thank You Eric

andria cogar said...

So sorry to be a bother about this but I have the mini dv (does not have a number behind it but looks exactly like the one in your video) Installation disk is in Chinese. Found one in english but it really dont seem right. When you show how to do your time stamp my foler only has a video folder and nothing else. Am I doing something wrong

Anonymous said...

I just watched one of your u tube videos (from a couple yrs ago)
about a Pinhole Clock Cam Hidden Dvr Recorder w/ Remote & Control Motion Detection.
I have one of those units, but when I play the micro SD card, it goes to a green screen in a couple minutes and then it does nothing else. (You can see the video behind it, along the edges, but the bright green screen is super imposed on top of it.)
Why would it do this?
Thank you

Damon Fanucchi said...

Hey Frank,

Thanks for all the info you provide! Couldn't find how to download the driver for the MD 80 mini DVR; can you tell me where it is?

Bob said...

Hi Frank,

Greetings from Illinois! We had a perfect move day to Illinois, weather, roads, all in the right place. My laptop is spinning like a top, thanks to your skilled care and the wonderful tune up before we left. Thanks again for all your help. You are our computer hero for sure. We'll talk again, perhaps soon.

Bob and Darla, (previously of Apt #1) email if you like at

Tim Cantrell said...

Hey man. Awesome job on the laptop screen replacement! Screen looks amazing and works perfect. I especially liked how knowledgeable you were about my options. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for good customer service and skills.


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