Mini DV MD80 9/9 - Mac OSX - Charging, Setting Date Time, Downloading, Editing Tips

In this video I revisit the Mini DV MD80 and show you the general setup for Mac and how to charge the unit, set the date and time, access the files and give some suggestions for editing on the Mac. Sorry for the lack of screen casting but the MD80 conflicted with VideoGlide for some reason and I had to use my video camera by hand. I haven't figured out the web cam function for Mac yet but will post a followup if & when I find a solution on how to make it work.

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Hi, there!

I recently got a mini DV MD80 a week ago, but I had a couple of issues regarding this device. At first, I can't understand how long we have to keep on charging for a device to get fully charged as I couldn't get that solution from your tech guide as well. As you mention in this solution, we have to charged the device till the green light in the AC adapter goes off and there will be only red light glowing in the AC adapter after fully charged. So I tried this option but I couldn't get my device charged as I find both the lights glowing with the blue light on the top of mini DV80 blinking at all time. The other issue that I am curious to know is regarding the reset button. As I read in youtube for solution of power problem/charging we can reset the device and then start charging it might produce the accurate result. I went on with the solution provided, reset the device then I found that my device shows the fully charged state and my power on switched worked properly as well to provide proper functioning. However, after few records of video the device has the same old problem. It is neither showing the fully charged state nor operating properly with its power button and recording button as well. Then, I again try to go on with Reset button to make it functioning but this time I couldn't obtained any significant result. Please kindly can you provide me with some suggestions.

Thanking you in advance.I am really sorry about my English.

Frank's Tech Help said...

@sandeep The first two times you charge the unit let it charge for 8 hours each. After you should only need to charge the unit for around 4 hours. These units do have issues with charging, even after using the reset button as you mention. It will look good at first but then goes back to old way and not showing charge. Try using a different USB cable to charge this unit. The cable that comes with unit are cheap and may not work well for charging, many people say that using new cable works very well for charging. Hope this info will help you, please let me know what else you need.

Anonymous said...

How to standby work longer? Otherwise the active voice is useless. So I click activate by voice and it gets activated for a few seconds but then turns off automatically.

Anonymous said...

Where can I get the driver for the mini vd80? All I keep finding is ads and downloads for driver search engines but never can find the actual driver.

zouzounel said...

Hello Frank!
So, I have this problem. I have the mini dv td3 which I believe is an older model of your mini. I followed your steps which actually are the same steps provided through the info leaflet, however the tag.txt file isn't automatically deleted and the date/time are still wrong. The date/time were set in the past for the first time and now I can't reset them. Are there any suggestions on that?

Anonymous said...


I wonder if this camera's microphone used as a web cam is compatible with the microphone input of a Mac mini.
Thank you in advance for your answers.


Question2012 said...

Hi I recently got one of these little handy cams but my computer will not detect it! And i have tried two different computers.What do I do?!

Unknown said...

will there be an indicator during charging? i've connected to my pc via usb cable and now it's almost 3 hours and i don't see any indicators.

zodaddy said...

How do i get to to record witbout stoping and restarting

zodaddy said...

Its records 10 minute videos how do i get it to record all video without stop it records 10 minutes stops and restarts for 10 more minutes and so on

Anonymous said...

Hello Frank,

This is with reference to Mini DV MD80.

Till date it has been working fine. But, very recently, except for the audio, there is no video that is getting recorded. My guess is that the camera might have got exposed to a sharp light image. How to rectify this and continue using the original quality of recording. Except for the video problem, rest all is working fine.

Appreciate your help in this regard by replying to


Phil said...

Hi Frank!

Did you find out already how to use the Mini DV MD80 as a Web Cam for Mac?

Hope you did.

I bought the Mini Camera just for using it as a Cam, but can not find a way to get it working.

Hope to hear from you.

Kind reagrds,