Vlog #1 - 1.1.11 - Viewer Shout Outs & Many Thanks!

My new year's resolution is to start making v-logs for my channel so you guys can get to know me a little better and see who you are really dealing with. I typically like staying behind the camera but once in awhile I will make an appearance to say thanks and return your video shout outs. Thanks for supporting my channel in 2010 and stay tuned in 2011 for even more great gadget reviews.

If you been a loyal viewer and we've been in touch then feel free to ask for a video shout out below, I will post your channel link in my next relevant vlog.


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Anonymous said...

Just received my Mini DV MD80. Your Youtube post (Method #1) for setting the date/time was very easy to follow and worked perfectly. I have since read all 8 of the Youtube posts on the MD80 and found all the information I needed. Had the MD80 up and running and set in the matter of about 15 minutes (after charging). Thank you for your help!
Deborah in Arizona