Motorla H5 H9 Review

The Motorola H5 is one of the smallest bluetooth ear pieces currently on the market. It's compact design allows you to keep the unit in your pocket and comes with a base charging unit that gives you extra charging time on the go.

The video below is my first review of this product and covers the basics of the H5

Part Number:H9MINIBLUE
Product Type: Headset - Bluetooth
Width: 1.2 in
Depth: 0.9 in
Weight: 0.3 oz
Headphones Type: Monaural, In-ear, Dynamic
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Sound Output: Mono
Microphone: Built-in
Transmission Range: 33 ft
Power Device Battery charger: External & Base
Run Time (Up To) 7.5 hour(s)
Standby Time 500 hour(s)

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Frank's Tech Help said...

I wasn't very impressed with this product since it came from China, it broke very quickly and never worked again. Make sure you get the real deal if you are buying one of these.